Corporate Challenges

The Hue My Hair Challenge

Our CEO Michael Burns invites you to Hue His Hair

If you are a corporate or family team, a C-Suite executive or simply a tad-bit over competitive J then the Michael Burns, the CEO of The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, has a challenge for you. Whoever raises the most money by July 12 gets to pick which colour he’ll dye his hair on CP24.

Any colour.

It could be your company colour, flamingo pink, electric banana yellow, eye-searing orange, you name it.

You get the bragging rights that not only did your company or team raise the most funds for this challenge but you also get to Hue his Hair. And he’ll give you and your company or team a shout out on CP24 on July 16 while sporting his new hair colour!

To participate, contact and we will set up your page! All you need to do is share it with your team and start raising money while you debate which vibrant colour he’ll be sporting in July.

Good Luck

Individual Challenges

Individual Challenges

  • Set up your registration page and challenge family, friends and co-workers to colour their hair and support cancer research.
  • Challenge at least 3 people to see who can raise the most money by choosing a bold new colour.

Corporate Challenges

  • Build your corporate team and challenge your competitors.
  • Set a big and bold company goal to be in the Top 10 fundraising teams.
  • Challenge other departments within your company to raise more than your department. Think your Finance team can raise more than Human Resources?
Corporate Challenges

Community Challenges

  • Are you a member of a community group or sports team? Challenge other groups and teams within your club or organization to raise more than you. Be the top fundraising age group in your soccer club.
  • Visit local businesses and challenge them to support you with their own hair colouring activations.

School Challenges

  • Have your principal challenge a neighbouring school’s principal to raise more than your school.
  • Activate your student council, challenge each grade to try and raise more than the others.

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