Challenges are a fun way to get people involved in something important!


Be Original. Be Bold. Issue a Challenge.

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Individual Challenges

  • Once you have registered think about challenging family, friends and co-workers to get their colour on too and support cancer research.
  • Choose a minimum of 3 people you think would be up for this and challenge them today and see who can raise the most by choosing a bold new colourful hairdo.
Corporate Challenges

Corporate Challenges

  • Building a team within an industry sector? Issue a challenge to your competitors. Be the top fundraising bank or law firm.
  • Set a big and bold company goal to be in the Top 10 fundraising teams.
  • Challenge other departments within your company to raise more than your department. Think your Finance team can raise more than Human Resources?
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Community Challenges

  • Are you a member of a community group or sports team? Challenge other groups and teams within your club or organization to raise more than you. Be the top fundraising age group in your soccer club.
  • Visit local businesses and challenge them to support you with their own hair colouring activations.
Corporate Challenges

School Challenges

  • Have your principal challenge a neighbouring school’s principal to raise more than your school.
  • Activate your student council, challenge each grade to try and raise more than the others.

Be Bold, Choose your Hair Colour, Raise Funds for Cancer Research and Challenge Others!



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