The Princess Margaret's first-in-Canada breast cancer procedure is improving patient experience


Team members following the first Magseed®-guided lumpectomy performed in Canada earlier this year (Photo: UHN).

A multi-disciplinary team at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is the first in Canada to use magnetized seeds instead of wires in a common procedure to remove small breast lumps, reducing discomfort and improving cosmetic outcome for patients while streamlining medical care.

The procedure, known as a Magseed®-guided lumpectomy, was done for the first time earlier this year but has now been performed at The Princess Margaret on a dozen women with breast lumps that could not be felt but were detected through a mammogram or ultrasound.

"It's a very simple concept," says Dr. Michael Reedijk, surgeon scientist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and the surgeon who led the first procedure. "It reduces the angst and the pain for patients and offers them better cosmetic outcomes while increasing the team's efficiency."

The procedure involves a radiologist placing a seed the size of a grain of rice into the breast lump to guide the surgeon in its removal. The results are drawing a lot of interest from across Canada, including provincial health authorities, teaching hospitals and small rural hospitals.

It's the culmination of more than a year of planning by a team at The Princess Margaret, which includes surgeons, radiologists, technicians, oncologists, pathologists, nurses and administrators.

"This has truly been a collective effort in the Breast Site Group," says Dr. Anne Koch, Leader of the Breast Cancer Program at PM. "It's a great example of a variety of health professionals coming together for the betterment of patient care and to move treatment practices forward."

Read the full story at UHN News.

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